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Magic Sphere News

Turn 6

Nell to lead the Magic Sphere

Following discussions with myself after the death of the late Giles Johnson, Nell Lincoln has been elected to replace the duo as the new leader of the Magic Sphere. I express my support of Nell as well as many others in the Circle. Who knows what her leadership will bring. Let us hope that she leads us into a new Era of greatness.

From the desk of Miss Rose Clark

Turn 5

Sphere in Crisis

You receive this memo from the Sphere.


As you may be aware, my partner, Giles Johnson, was killed in cold blood during an unprovoked and unexplained assault on Hillside Theatre this month. I believe that this was part of an raid to remove leaders of the terrorist group known as “The Red Coven”, and for some reason both myself and Johnson were believed to have been ringleaders.

Nothing is further from the truth. My partner and I have always been believers in Norm-Wytch cooperation: the Magic Sphere exists to aid those who find themselves in trouble with HMMR, and to aid HMMR's work, not to destroy it, and this has been proven through courts of law to be the truth.

However, the damage has been done and the leadership of the Sphere is in anarchy and in need of new leadership - I will be at the next Coven to discuss these matters with any who feel they could step up to the mark and lead the Aeromancers of Britain into a new era.


Miss Rose Clark

Due to the disruption caused to the Sphere by the leadership crisis, you hear little else in the way of news from the Sphere.

Turn 4

Paulsen and Cherie Show Goes up in Flames

Amusement turned to disaster on tour with Dan Paulsen and Merry Cherie as the stage itself went up in flames during a live performance, leaving the audience outraged, full refunds given and the rest of the tour being called off. Paulsen and Cherie are said to be bitterly, bitterly disappointed with how things went, looking for any explanation as to what went wrong.

Concerns Over Cambridge

A memo sent to all members

Dearest Members,

It has come to our attention in our travels of an alarming occurrence in Cambridge. We were due to perform a show at one of the University Colleges and so travelled there for the first time in our lives, but upon arriving were confounded to discover our magic didn't work there at all…

Short research indicates that this may have been the case for a long time, making it something of an utmost imperative to investigate, and so we shall be looking for volunteers (particularly in Elias's current predicament) to investigate as soon as possible at the Coven in Devon.

No need to panic, as ever, and let us know if the Sphere can help you with anything you're doing.

Best wishes,

Johnson & Clark

Turn 3

Magnificent Magical Tour Less Than Magnificent

Dan Paulsen and Merry Cherie are said to be “less than pleased” with how their recent tour went. While the acts were notably spectacular as usual, they have put illfeeling and confusion toward Wytches down as the main cause of dwindling numbers in the audiences over the summer. They have expressed intention to attend September's Coven in order to work out a solution to this problem.

Nitro Deceased

Hammer reports from the fight surrounding the illegal convoy of arrested Wytches suggest that Nitro was unfortunately killed in the battle, going up in flames with the first van. A memorial service has been suggested to Johnson & Clark but both have been unfortunately “too busy” to deal with this.

Sphere Activities Resumed

Johnson and Clark have urged all Sphere members to continue their normal activities following HMMR retractions of curfew and restrictions on sale of goods, encouraging Wytches to embrace their success in protesting the changes, and marking this as the start of a beautiful new era of Norm-Wytch cooperation.

Turn 2

Nitro Situation

Members of the Sphere are asked to remain calm and to not approach Nitro following his attack on the SIS Building earlier this month. He has been classed as dangerous and unpredictable, with Johnson and Clark insisting that his actions are not representative of the Magic Sphere or Wytches in general.

Meanwhile, the Hammer has been given authority to use live fire, so members are advised to not engage Hammer operatives and cooperate with them fully.

Magic Sphere Memo

Dan and Merry Show

Following successful auditions, Dan Paulsen and Merry Cherie have announced their line up for their tour. Locations include the Hillside Theatre, the Hammersmith Apollo, and theatres in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Colchester, Cardiff, Leeds, and Dartmouth, and they will feature as well as themselves, the amazing Nell Lincoln, Graham Bates, and Alexandra the Great.

Tickets are to go on sale soon, despite increased Hammer crackdowns.

Investigating "Merlin"

Dear Members,

There are unconfirmed reports of some skeletal embodiment of death wandering the fields of England, named colloquially as “Merlin”.

Until such time as these reports are confirmed, we advocate cautious action to not interfere with HMMR investigations, but advise confirmation should be achieved by Sphere Members as soon as possible.

Anyone who intends to search for this creature should liaise with Johnson or Clark as soon as possible, who will be at the next Coven.

If you do encounter this being, DO NOT APPROACH.


Johnson & Clark

Piston Hurricane Returns

Reb “The Piston Hurricane” Saint has laid down his challenge once more, as only five of Britain's toughest fighters survive against him, with dozens more failing. The challenge, as ever, is to survive “three minutes of playtime” in the ring with “the Hurricane”, and whoever does will receive training from the master himself.

Turn 1

Hosting Advice

Dearest Members,

Whilst we are sure that you will offer non-members the same courtesy as ever while the Sphere plays host to this Coven, we would remind you that the Sphere's reputation is on the line, and would encourage sensibility while hosting.

Of course, we are sure that all our members will act in only the best of manners.

Best wishes,

Johnson & Clark

"The Hurricane" Approaches

The legendary Reb “The Piston Hurricane” Saint, pro-wrestler and renowned Aeromancer is rumoured to be planning to attend the next Coven, hosted in Bristol, in order to “check out the vermin that call themselves Wytches”. He has made a name for himself in the ring with incredible throws, and remains five-time champion in British Pro-Wrestling.

Alexandra "The Great" Lockhart Found

Members of the Sphere are very pleased to hear that Alexandra Lockhart, as well as Amber Hartnell, have been found by teams investigating the Doubleday Incident Site near Glasgow. Alexandra has been returned to her family who are “overjoyed” to have her back, and will be attending the Coven in Bristol in order to tell her story. Those who wish to ask her about her experience are asked by The Sphere to exercise restraint and sensitivity when speaking to her, as the exact reasons for her disappearance are still unknown and no further distress ought to be caused.

Paulsen & Cherie Looking for Partners

Following their outing at the Midnight March, Dan Paulsen and Merry Cherie have been heard to be looking for volunteers to join their act for a new tour of the UK set to commence in a month's time. Applicants should apply directly, although Paulsen warns that only the best will do.

Turn 0

Calm and Caution

To all members of the Sphere,

We implore you to remain as calm as possible in the current crisis as it is resolved.

While the restrictions of the Hammer and its new leader are incredibly inconvenient to normal activities, we hope for all Magic Sphere operations to continue uninterrupted, but advise much greater caution: check for Hammer operatives and news nearby when you intend to perform, keep your businesses in check and conduct them hidden from any CCTV.

Our operations have gone smoothly for over a hundred years, and we fully intend for it to remain that way, and extend great thanks to those sacrificing their time to assist with discussions at Bedivere Hall this month, and we intend to speak to you all there where we can come to a reasonable course of action.

As ever, should you require assistance, the Magic Sphere is here for you.

Yours faithfully,

Johnson and Clark

Nitro Secret Intact

Despite numerous cries of “Wytchcraft!” at some of his more recent events, it appears that the majority of the general public is unaware of Nitro's identity as an actual Wytch and still believe him to be a Normal trickster. He is rumoured to be attending this month's Coven at Bedivere Hall in order to discuss how best he can use this position to help (although cynics suggest he's simply looking to advertise himself some more).

Doubts cast on Paulsen Show

Due to increased Hammer activity, doubts have been cast on the viability of a show being planned by Dan Paulsen and his assistant Merry Cherie - a show which was rumoured to have been half a decade in the planning. Paulsen's reaction is yet to have been properly gauged, but sources say he is “not very happy about it”.

Alexandra The Great Missing

Following the Doubleday Incident at which she was present, a relatively unheard of rising star of the Magic Sphere known as Alexandra “the Great” Lockhart has seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. She was last seen fleeing the scene of the incident outside Kilmacolm near Glasgow but has been neither seen nor heard from since. Her parents have implored anyone with any information to help try to find her, and have insisted that her disappearance is not an admission of conspiracy to kill the Grand Inquisitor.

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