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Pyros News

Turn 6

Firebrand new Location

Firebrand would like to announce its new location in central Oxford. The theme of the location will remain the same fiery Wytch hang out and will have all your traditional favourites and also a few new ones. The opening night will be an extravaganza of drinking and dancing and will also cater to anyone 16 and up! Not to mention the brand new, limited edition, Soul Sister Shots! So come for some slammin' fun to Firebrand club and bar in Central Oxford.

Croft Institute

Following the efforts of Sebastian Sterling in his green energy project, the croft institution would like to announce its new green energy research program, which seeks to better understand and come up with creative solutions for the energy crisis today. Anyone interested in researching new and clearer energy sources, contact Susan Croft.

Turn 5

Croft institute Investigations

An email is being passed around to any known Pyro affiliate.

With the news of new occult schools of magic, the Croft institute is seeking information and volunteers to investigate into the nature of necromancy, kaomancy, nosomancy, sanguimancy and chrnomancy. Any interested parties should seek Susan Croft to set up a research team. The institute does not need to remind interested parties that it has resources and researchers at their disposal. Susan Croft invites you to become an associate of the Croft Institute today.

From the offices of Susan Croft

Renewable energy

Excerpt from the Magazine article in Wytch Science Today

The wave of the future has undertaken the Pyros demonstrating with out a doubt that pyromancers can make a difference in the world. With the combined efforts of the Croft institute and pyromancers Benjamen Ashen and Sebastian Sterling, a prototype hydro-heating turbine was created that can be placed in any powerplant and can power an entire neighborhood. What is better, the whole process is clean and renewable. Further efforts are being made to amplify and enhance the power of the current model so that maybe one day cities can be powered and our reliance on fossil fuels can be diminished. It is all thanks to these wonderful examples of Pyro-Wytch community.

-Stephanie Baldwin

Aiden's Obituary

The Wytch Herald

Aiden Mackenna, aged 34, passed away in a self caused explosion in Bristol on the October 22nd, 2014. Not much was known about her other than her vibrant smile and her brief fame as a member of Nitro's magical performances. She leaves behind no family, other than her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mathew and Laina Mackenna. The memorial service will be on the 25th of October where her ashes will be buried in Hammersmith cemetery.

Turn 4

A leaked email thread has been forwarded around those in the know.

From: Benjamin John Ashen
To: Susan Kathleen Croft
CC: Chester Ward
Subject: State of Affairs


I've heard woefully little from you since the coven, and I thought it appropriate to keep you in the loop. The situation for our friends in London and I has met with a considerable improvement recently, the most prominent of which has been the return of Maria to our ranks in what I can only describe as a bizarre tale. As we suspected, Jordan was behind her predicament, using a Sanguimancy potion he acquired from some of the scum he does business with to alter her mind to obey him. I cannot pretend that it does not upset me he had knowledge of this school of magic before us, but attempts to keep in with only the right people do occasionally allow for information to slip through the cracks, straight into the social sewer that Havenbrook so brazenly inhabits. He has been removed from the picture entirely, it would seem, due to his crimes catching up to him. I eagerly await the trial. It shall be a fun spectacle.

I have also regained possession of my casting implement and in the process of doing so dealt with my malady. It shall not be leaving my side for the remainder of my years on this earth, however long that may prove to be, I assure you. I owe a great deal to several of our new Pyro friends for so doing, though the one that may be most of interest to you is Mr. Michaels, who has shown phenomenal progress in harnessing magic. You may wish to acquire his services for the Institute.

Indeed, whilst we are discussing happy endings, even Chester has found one. The Phoenix Movement has at long last received financial compensation for the illegal raid that occurred there, so they may continue to pour money into lost causes. Perhaps they will, with this new influx of funding, feel up to the task of dealing with our remaining enemies along with the Hammer?

From: Susan Kathleen Croft
To: Benjamin John Ashen
CC: Chester Ward
Subject: RE: State of Affairs


Yes, I've been a little out of the loop recently, so busy with research now that all these new forms of magic are coming to light. Good progress has been made, in fact, and we're able to replicate in a limited fashion some of the reported effects that took place at the Doubleday incident, which is both fascinating and terrifying. As for the plague, death and blood magics, they are quite outside of the institute's scope for now, though with appropriate funding and expansion we may well be able to begin exploring them. Whether that is a wise idea is another question entirely, however…

Anyway, quite enough about what I've been up to. Thank you for the update on things, much of this was news to me. I'm very glad to hear that all is well down in London and that you and Maria are once again in good health (and congratulations to you too, Chester, as I see you're copied into this). I'm glad Havenbrook is no longer free to manipulate the Wytching community, but I'd really rather you tone down the societal rhetoric - even with your mantra that people forge their own place in society on their actions alone, it's still rather distasteful at times.

What needs to be clarified now is who or what our enemies are. As I see it, for the situation to further improve, we need to deal with the NDL and the people launching attacks on Hammer - given the amount they've mellowed, provoking them further is beyond idiotic and will only lead to regression. Therefore, we strike at the NDL, the murderers of Agent Black and those who raided the Hammer's Library.

I still find it hard to believe the raid happened when they were quite willing to let us in and have a look at the contents. It really does sometimes feel that the community is trying to destroy itself from the inside…

From: Chester Ward
To: Susan Kathleen Croft, Benjamin John Ashen
Subject: RE: RE: State of Affairs

Firstly, thank you Susan. Ashen, if you're going to include me at all in these communications do you not think it at least appropriate to address me somehow?

Those do seem like very sensible aims to strive for, as it's certainly against our philosophy to launch outright hostilities at the Hammer when they're so willing to cooperate with us and move forwards! The Phoenix Movement will do all it can to bring down the rogue elements so a lasting peace can be found, though I feel I should mention that we were planning this long in advance of your suggestion, Ashen.

All the best,


Turn 3

Ashen Worse for Wear

Benjamin Ashen has been seen even less frequently in public these past six weeks, following his arrest and release during the illegal Hammer raid. Suggestions have been made that his health is deteriorating rapidly, but he is due to appear at the MacDoddigan Coven nevertheless, soldiering on like a true hero.

Croft Cleared of Allegations

Following suggestions that Susan Croft and her researchers have been practising science contrary to the ethical and legal science, as well as suggestions that she is to blame for the possession of Miss Sarah Tomes by a peculiar spirit, Croft has been since found clear of these charges with her experiments checked as safe and the testing procedure for Enchantment researchers found to have not been authorised at the top level, but nonetheless entirely voluntary and proven of no harm to the mind.

Firebrand Rebrand

Concerns are being raised over the sudden rebranding of Firebrand products to feature Jordan Havenbrook's “Diablo” logo and branding, especially given the elusiveness of the owner and the flagrant disregard for Havenbrook's monopoly on magical vendoring. While Firebrand assure people that there's nothing to worry about and that the acquisition of Firebrand by Diablo is in the best interests of both companies, many are left unconvinced, and concerned especially by the closure of a number of popular Firebrand venues to make way for Diablo storage…

Turn 2

Croft Institute Bulletin - Week Beginning July 21

Apologies for the disruptions caused by the recent break-in. This was due to a spread of false rumours about the work taking place here at the Institute - staff are reminded that they're very welcome to have discussions about their work with members of the wider Wytch community, and that our research is for the benefit of everyone. By doing this, we can dispel these harmful notions and move towards preventing a repeat of such incidents in the future.

Thanks to all those Wytches who helped to rescue junior researcher Sarah Tomes. The Croft Institute is glad to have her back resuming her studies, and we wish to reassure the community that she is being well looked after. Ms. Tomes will be travelling to the next Coven with Mrs. Croft.

Coven Host Changes To Phoenix Movement HQ

The Pyro community, particularly Ms. Croft and Mr. Ashen, wishes to congratulate and extend their sincere gratitude to Mr. Chester Ward and the Phoenix Movement for their kind agreement to host the upcoming Coven at the Phoenix Movement headquarters. Those who are to attend are advised that the easiest method of travel is to ride the London underground to the Oxford Circus tube station then head north for 100 metres.

Mr. Hendrick, Ms. Torquemada and Mr. Wintersmith are kindly reminded that they need not break in to the building - they are cordially invited with the rest of the Wytch community.

What's Happened to Ashen?

Rumour has it that for the past two weeks now, Benjamin Ashen has not left his Kensington home at all. Supposedly, one of his closest confidantes, who has been the only one to visit him, said that “everything was fine” and “there was no need to worry”, though if anyone had information on where his cane went, he would appreciate it, as it is a precious family heirloom.

Apparently, the last person to have seen him before he shut himself away was Ms. MacKenna…

Turn 1

What follows is a poor quality, leaked recording of security camera footage of what seems to be a meeting between Chester Ward, Benjamin Ashen and Susan Croft in a room somewhere. It's been making the rounds recently between those in the know.

(OOC: S = Susan, C = Chester, B = Benjamin.)

S: What did you make of the march then?

C: Well, erm, it didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped, or expected it to, but what it does show is that the community's got one another's backs, with that rescue, it was a good job out there.

B: They rather saved you, didn't they Chester?

C: Really now-

S: Ashen…

B: What it showed is that it none of them have any bloody sense in their heads, especially not that roided up meat-sack. Him and Sterling haven't a wit between them, and nobody else thought to leave whilst the thing was still legal, either. I may have to put pressure on Gregory to see if I can't redirect our hero's efforts to something more constructive.

S: I agree. It does none of us any good to martyr ourselves for no potential gain. I don't understand Sterling's gambit here. Where's the good publicity in “Wytches arrested for breaking the law”?

C: Well, if it gets out that we're reasonable people who are being unfairly mistreated by the government, then there's bound to be a public backlash!

B: You think it wise to rely on the voting public to fight our battles for us? Harken back to how long it took for public opinion to sway on such issues as equality of race, equality of gender, equality of marriage… Do you plan to stand idly by whilst the government arrests us, strips us of our remaining rights and all we own? Do you want to sit at the back of the bus, Chester?

C: Oh, don't be ridiculous Ashen, we're living in a postmodernist world nowadays. People are far too aware these days to be dragged along with a corrupt regime simply for the sake of the status quo. Cripes, man, they've not even been aware of magic for long enough to form a proper opinion for themselves.

S: People need to see the benefit to themselves of Wytch equality. If we can show them that, then they'll back us. That's harder to do when the ones drawing the most attention to themselves are the ones with a purely negative impact.

C: That's not a hard problem to solve, though, is it? We just focus our efforts into being a positive force for change, and we come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who tries this sort of thing again.

B: You forget that we have never been able to self-police. Even the police cannot successfully police us, as your protogé's tale aptly demonstrates.

C: You've spoken with Amber?!

B: Her description of the incident was rather… Fascinating. But that brings us onto the next issue rather nicely.

S: It's useful to have a better picture of what's going on. Fiona's take is particularly amusing, I must confess. If you're looking for examples of positivity, the investigation's a good one.

C: Exactly! We just need more of this sort of thing, though it's rather a shame the girl is still out there. Now we know what we're looking for, we can rein in the rogue before too long, and if the Hammer see it wasn't us that killed Doubleday, then maybe-

B: I've told you, Ward, that's not the issue. Morton merely used that as an excuse. I can quite readily believe that he would have removed Doubleday from the picture himself if he had to. His hatred drives the circumstance, not vice versa.

C: I don't know where you're getting this, Ashen, but-

B: And it's going to stay that way. My contacts are far too useful to give them up to you. No offence intended, of course.

S: Returning to the girl, from the description I've heard of her, she looks like one of my researchers that went missing a while back. There one day, never turned up to work again, not a word. Sarah, if I recall correctly.

B: I think I remember the one you mean, Susan.

C: Really? How often are you up here, Ashen?

B: Some of us value the research the Croft institute does.

S: I got a tip-off the other day, about the Red Coven. Apparently it's ruffling a few feathers. Your sources don't have anything on Herne, Benjamin?

B: If only they did. Still, at least the Red Hat's not a secret. Gallavanting around with the street magician, performing under the same name, honestly…

C: Oh, it's the same Red? Quite a few of ours seem to be getting involved with the Sphere, from what I hear about the fire at the Hillside theatre.

S: Slightly disappointing that they couldn't find something to do with their time.

B: Hrmph. Quite.

S:So, the situation is bleak at the minute. I'll be the one to ask; What do we do?

C: Well, the Phoenix Movement-

B: Because that has achieved so much thus far.

C: Why must you constantly belittle-

S: It's helping, Chester, it is. But, it seems clear to me that more is needed. So, here's what I suggest-

The video feed cuts out suddenly.

Turn 0

A Message from the Phoenix Movement

Hi there, fellow Wytches!

We here at the Phoenix Movement realise that this is a difficult time for our community, and that if left unchecked, this sudden aggression from the Hammer may well endanger the livelihoods (and even lives) of our friends and relatives. Luckily, the Phoenix Movement and I have been coming up with a plan these past weeks that will deal with the problem in a responsible and proportionate manner, with the following aims:

  1. Ensuring the safety and freedom from persecution of all Wytches accross the UK.
  2. Strengthening links between all facets of the Wytch community.
  3. Improving relations between Wytches and the Norm community (including the Hammer).

It is our hope that by achieving these three things, we can use this terrible tragedy as a springboard to return to the easy symbiosis that we had in ages gone by. We hope to achieve them by:

  • Creating response teams to help Wytches out who feel they are in immediate danger. Contact details can be found below. Please do not hesitate if you believe yourself to be in danger, as we cannot help you once you have been captured by the Hammer.
  • Liasing with the Magic Sphere, the academic institutions (notably Bedivere Hall), the Heritage Trust and other notable Wytch organisations.
  • Maintaining constant vigilence for any signs of radicalism or threats against Norm population. Launching attacks on our oppressors will do nothing in the long run to help us, it will simply cause more human suffering. If you have any information on such activity, please contact us.

I am pleased to announce that in accordance with these goals, I am honoured in accepting Prof. Featherstonehaugh's invitation to the Coven on April the 29th.

Chester Ward's indecipherable signature full of loops and trills follows.

Croft Institute Bulletin - Week Beginning April 21

The work of the Croft Institute carries on uninterrupted. Staff, please continue working your usual hours, and take common sense precautions to avoid alerting the Hammer of our organisation's true nature or endangering yourself.

We advise the wider Wytch public to be wary of deviating from routine too much, as it may arouse suspicion. If you feel at risk, please be cautious in your actions, as though it may be reassuring, the Phoenix Movement's rescue squads may well be being watched, or infiltrated by, HMMR agents. Similarly, affiliation of any kind with radical groups is likely to be an extreme threat to your personal safety. We recommend that you report such groups to Crimestoppers anonymously to protect yourself.

Prof. Susan K. Croft will be attending the Bedivere Hall coven on the 29th of April to discuss further plans. Those who are able to attend are strongly encouraged to.

From the Desk of Ashen

A letter, sent to his friends, copies of which have been making the rounds.

Dear friends,

The reaction so far to the incident has been interesting, to say the least. Typical of Chester to send a half-wit to protect Doubleday, but you know what they say about birds of a feather. I should have seen it coming that Morton would make a power grab when the opportunity struck, but I thought we had more time to prepare. Him and his new lapdog have made some rather sweeping budget changes in the SIS Building - notably that the enforcement arm has more than quintupled this last month, according to my sources. Of course, the ramifications of this is that they're now filled to the brim with barely-trained reactionaries hardly out of secondary school. I expect none of you to be so incompetent as to run into real trouble with them.

Reactions from the other schools are much as we would expect, with one exception. The Sphere seem to be keeping calm, as is their habit. The Trust remain ever oblivious, and Bedivere seeks guidance from books and discussion. The Islanders, however, seem to be rallying for the first time in centuries. The McDoddigan family may prove valuable to us, if they can look past their distrust of our talents. Much more fascinating is the violence of the backlash from the Wytching side. It seems many are no longer content with our hidden, regulated lifetyle. I am torn as to whether this is a wise course of action, or whether a diplomatic solution ultimately advantages us more. I think we shall watch Morton and postpone such a decision for now. I must say I crave your input on this matter, my friends, as I cannot make such a decision in isolation; its importance is too great.

I was pleased to receive Wilhelmina's invitation, and I expect I shall be seeing quite a few of you there. I look forward to the occasion; I've missed the old place quite a bit, much as it will pain me to stand in the same room as Chester all evening. I can at least expect sensible conversation from Professor Croft, though I doubt it will amount to much of substance. Until then,

Benjamin John Ashen

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