Character Advancement

Due to the recent changes in circumstance, many Wytches have come into contact with more talented individuals, and individuals with more diverse talents than ever before in their lives. This, along with the need to push themselves to the limit to deal with whatever the Hammer throw at them in any given day, has meant that those with the natural inclination to greatness have begun to improve their repertoire of skills faster than they might have expected, rising to meet the demands placed on them.

As such, every turn your character will gain 1 point to spend in either Magic or Skills at the end of every turn. As with Character Creation, you may not achieve mastery (4 points) in a subfield of Magic or a Skill without finding someone who has already mastered it to teach you (this could be another PC or an NPC). Obtaining mastery will require a major action to train once you have found a master who is willing to train you, in addition to a point spent on that turn (or a subsequent one if you wish). However, until both the training is completed and the point is spent, you will not achieve mastery. Training another player in mastery also requires a major action. Along with encountering masters through other actions, you may also specifically spend a major action to search for a master, although you will have to convince them to train you if they are unwilling.

For example, if Jeff the Custardmancer wants to learn Level 4 (Master) Illusion Custardmancy, he must first find a master of Illusion Custardmancy to teach him. On one turn he happens across Barbara the Great and Powerful Custardmancer when he's fighting off Steve the Semolinamage and she asks him to bring her some ingredients to make a potion she's working on. The next turn he spends an action getting the ingredients and in return Barbara teaches him Custardmancy. Assuming he also invested a point in Master Illusion Custardmancy on that turn, he is then free to use Master Illusion Custardmancy spells from the third turn onward. If he didn't, he can use Master Illusion Custardmancy on the turn after he spends the point.


  1. Find a master. You can put in a major action to find a master or find one in session.
  2. Major action to please the master. This cannot be on the same turn that you find your master.
  3. If you didn't put in a major action to find the master (i.e. you found one in session), a second major action is required to use the mastery (such as training).
  4. Free to use mastery.

Two major actions over two turns are required, and you will gain the mastery at the end of the second turn. One of the two actions must be spent pleasing the master.

If, for whatever reason, you have not spent a point on anything on a given turn, it will be carried over to your next turn. Any points spent which have rolled over from previous turns will apply retroactively, and therefore come into effect for the current turn as well. Please specify which skill(s) you would like this to apply to if this is the case. However, you may only apply the retroactive point rule to new masteries if you have already completed your training for them (and not if you are training that turn).

You may not gain extra Quirks and Flaws with these points - those can only ever be gained or lost through actions.

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