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Character Twitter Accounts

GM Clarification: These twitter accounts are just fun - you can make your individual accounts as IC or OC as you like, but rest assured that these will have no bearing on how game plays out. Namely, you cannot be reported to the Hammer as a Wytch IC (and then suffer IC consequences) via twitter. GM-JamesW

because these should all really be in some place:

Soul Spark:
Soul Spring:
Soul Soil:
Soul Zephyr:
Soul Soul:
The Parody HMMR: (Removed the real and hashtag in order to not confuse matters tremendously - LJ)
Susie Phillips:
The Feathered Red Hat/Red Coven:
Herne the Red/Red Coven:
The Free Minds Blog/Randude:
Wytch Rights Campaign:
Jacob Wintersmith:
Pastor David Williams:

(Note: these are all just for fun)

I get the impression the GM's are doing I.C. twitter accounts to put off writing turn-sheets…

Very disappointed that there appears to be no #HMMRHorror hashtag or account. -JM

Soul Sisters

Looks like Scar accidentally joined her bright-coloured-hair siblings for the photo op. - LJ

I am NOT(LJ) with those wierdos, even if my hair is silly colours - JW

This means war… somehow - JW

With yellow hair you'd be…what? Soul Shock? Possibly the loveable sidekick? - PS

Knowing Jenny, presumably “Soul Shut The Fuck Up” - MCh

“Got Soul but ain't a solider” - LJ

Wytches in the Ukraine

It would seem there is some magic on the continent after all!

See! it's always the pyros.

So I found this...

Beat them to it.

I guess the Magic Sphere and some Hydro-mancers have been teaming up

(Bristol over the weekend)

Susannah tries to harvest a wand from the magic nun tree

(I have no idea why it's rotated. The original is the right way round. Whatever. The point is, ~ magic nun tree ~ )

(Fixed the rotation for you. It was an issue with an “Orientation” EXIF tag automatically embedded into the JPEG image by your camera. ~Luke)

I'm sure there's some massive reference I'm missing, but magic nun tree? - LJ

It was a nun tree. It looked weird and magical. I am still in need of a wand dammit. - SC





very coven

The Doctor is In

#MidnightMarch #REALDumbledore


A New Project Begins...

Fairly sure this was Kayla's Inspiration

The True Meaning of FEAR

Rejected Schools of Magic






Someone else can add the overly manly man meme here… I'm at work, and it's probably best not to have that on my search history!

There you go -#IAmTheRealPasta



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