Quirks and Flaws

At Character Creation, you may select one positive Quirk (+), and then may select up to three more positive Quirks (+) which must each be balanced out by negative Flaws (-). You may only take a quirk or flaw once.

Personal Quirks

Blending In (+/-)

If taken positively, you are able to go out and about in the real world and use magic subtly with far less chance of being spotted.

If taken negatively, you are much more likely to accidentally give yourself away as Wytch walking around in the real world, either by accidentally using magic or through your lack of knowledge of Norm ways.

Cowardice (-)

When given the choice of fight or flight in a tough situation, it's flight every time. Really fast. As far away as possible.

Not compatible with the Recklessness playstyle quirk.

Dark Past (-)

Something you've done or been involved in in the past still haunts you and you can't afford for it to come to light.

Dramatic Flair (+)

You have a knack for the dramatics - graceful casting, artistic works, it all comes a lot more naturally to you as does creative writing or extravagant journalism.

Illness (-)

You are afflicted with some sort of illness which is yet to be cured - it could be physical or psychological.

Ineptitude/Studious (+/-)

Taken positively, you have sacrificed a lot of your time to studying and as such, you are more apt in that which you've studied.

Taken negatively, you have, through natural lack of talent or failure to pay attention during your studies, proven yourself to be inept at something.

The benefit or drawback of taking this quirk is either one more or one fewer points to spend on either Magical or Non-Magical skills.

Keep your Cool (+)

You remain completely level-headed even in life-threatening situations.

Off the Grid (+)

Most children were directed towards the magic community by the ever vigilant Hammer scouts. You, on the other hand, stumbled into the Wytches at a young age through a friend, relative or lucky encounter, and as such the Hammer haven't added you to their records and don't know about your magic.

Drawing excessive attention towards yourself is likely to rectify this situation before too long, however.

Phobia (-)

An unnatural fear of something. If faced with this, you're quite likely to flee or lose your cool than face your fear (even if you have the “Keep Your Cool” quirk!). This should be something fairly broad (for instance, claustrophobia or agoraphobia would be fine, but anatidaephobia1) would not).

Secret Hideout (+)

You have a den, bunker, lair or similar, the location of which is known only to you. Tell us where it is and what it is like. This could be in addition to your ordinary home.

Sixth Sense (+)

You can sometimes sense when imminent events are about to go badly (or well). You can't control when this happens, but when it does it usually pays off for you.

Unlucky (-)

Sometimes things don't go people's way, but it always seems to be you that things go badly for. Life's just not fair.

Vice (-)

You have a tendency to indulge in something, or have a bad habit (or even a mania) that you just can't get out of for something in particular. Be sure to specify what this is!

Social Quirks

Ally (+/-)

If taken positively, you have a trusty sidekick or good friend that you can count on to help you out and have your back when you need it. They may not be as talented or powerful as you, but they're loyal, and that's what counts.

If taken negatively, you have a friend, family member or disciple who constantly gets into bother and needs saving. Sometimes you think it'd be easier to let them sort out their own messes, but you know there would be dire consequences for you if any serious harm came to them.

Authority (or Lack Thereof) in your School (+/-)

If taken positively, you have proven to those in your school that you're adept enough to be given a position of power, and have the ability to steer the course of research and current goals to a degree. Your superiors will listen to you as will most in your school.

If taken negatively, those in your school pretend to listen to your ideas and then promptly ignore them, no matter what their merits. You'd have to work hard to get the caretaker to change a broken light-bulb, never mind research into an area you're interested in.

For contrast, a wytch with normal authority does not necessarily have to be listened to by their superiors but will have those with lower authority who listen to them.

Duty (-)

You hold some position of responsibility, which involves doing something regularly such as tutoring an apprentice. Unlike Favour Owed this will not go away once dealt with, rather it is a recurring task, though it might take less effort at any one point.

Family Traitor (-)

You were born with a magic type that's different to those of your parents, and their parents, and so on. It's not your fault - it's genetic! - but whilst they didn't disown you for it (unless they did), it presents you with a difficult choice - place family over your magical progression and isolate yourself from your school's society, or place your magic over your family and remove yourself from the society your family lives in? It leaves you in a rather lonely and unenviable place.

Favour Owed (-)

At some point in the past someone helped you out in a big way, and now you owe them. Whenever and wherever they decide to collect on their debt, you'd best be ready.

Information Network (+)

You know people who know people, and they know people who know everything. Your contacts can dig up dirt on whoever they need to, but there's only so much they're willing to share.

If taken, you can ask once per turn for your Information Network to find something out - ask this in your minor actions.

Loudmouth (+)

You're part of the Twitterati - thousands upon thousands of followers on social media. Your opinion might not sway your peers or superiors, but with a string of 140 characters you can get the masses to care about whatever's on your mind at the time.

Minions (+)

You have a group of people who get stuff done. They're not special, they don't have much if any magical ability, but for times when a dozen pairs of hands is better than one they come in very handy.

Nemesis (-)

For some reason there is someone out there, watching you, willing to do everything in their power to ruin you. Beware them, for if left unchecked your world may come crashing down around you.

Reputation (+/-)

If taken positively, your peers know your name and regard you with some esteem. They may not know you personally, but they're more likely to react positively to you and give you the benefit of the doubt when interacting with you.

If taken negatively, your peers' brows furrow when they hear your name mentioned. They may not know you personally, but they'd rather keep it that way. They're more likely to react negatively to you and to question your plans, intentions and possibly competency.

Resources (+)

You've managed to sneak past the Hammer's regulations on positions of power and ownership of businesses. You have a company or organisation, and whilst it's certainly no multinational corporation it's a nice little money-spinner, and with it you have more resources to throw at problems than the average Wytch.

Magical Quirks

Curse (-)

You or something you own was afflicted by a terrible curse.

Specify what it is and how this happened (or leave it up to the GMs for extra fun).

Familiar (+/-)

A familiar is an animal of some sort that has gained magical sentience and is able to act of its own accord and understand the world around it, capable of fluent communication and independent decision making. It could be anything from a cat, to an owl to an elephant.

If taken positively, you have a familiar that hangs around you, and whilst you can't control it directly it likes you and helps you out by doing the sort of things a magical familiar does.

If taken negatively, you are haunted by a familiar that's taken a disliking to you and refuses to leave you in peace. It will use its magic to cause you trouble when you least expect it, and when it inconveniences you most.

For example, positively you could have a talking cat that provides witty remarks on your escapades and keeps an eye out for you, or negatively you could have a budgie intent on making sarcastic remarks and following you around… constantly.

Limited Expertise (-)

For some reason you find yourself unable to use your magic in a certain way, or can only use your magic in a specific way.

Manifestations of this quirk are subject to GM approval for balance.

Kryptonite (-)

For some reason you are extremely vulnerable to something, and it will cause you severe harm by being in close proximity to you. This might leave you unable to perform your usual magic and possibly even screaming in pain.

This should be something common to uncommon, so for instance a kryptonite of platinum is fine whereas a kryptonite of metal would be a bad idea (unless you're a masochist), and a kryptonite of platinum drawing pins would be far too specific.

Lucky Talisman (+)

You are in possession of a talisman that makes you feel safe around it, and you keep it on you at all times. You can't explain it, but you know that this talisman would protect you if great harm were to come to you.

This quirk is intended as a safety net that will protect you from a deadly situation. It is an extremely powerful magic, but it will break after one use.

Magical Item (+)

You are in possession of an item with some curious magical properties that you can wield to your advantage. This can indeed be your implement for casting!

More powerful items require this quirk to be taken multiple times (to a maximum of twice for one item) and overpoweredness (and underpoweredness) will be deemed at GM discretion.

Minor Item (+)

You have a minor magical item, for instance a ring that protects you from ice, a monocle that helps you see through minor illusions, or a sword made entirely of flame.

Major Item (++)

You have a major magical item, for instance the Gauntlets of Dorchester, that bestow freezing powers on the wearer, the cape of Loughborough that bestows flight, or the Ring of Cleese (which can make the wearer appear to be a duck at will).

Miscasting Tendency (-)

You have the unfortunate tendency to do something wrong when casting a spell, only for the spell itself to go disastrously. Sometimes fizzling to nothing, sometimes shooting off in the wrong direction, occasionally cutting the power for half of Lancashire for twenty minutes. One thing is clear though - when spells go wrong, they never go wrong in a harmless way. In fact, they always seem to create disaster.

Possessed (+/-)

Some magical creature or spirit has lodged itself in your head.

If taken positively, this creature will help you by lending you part of its power and knowledge.

If taken negatively, this creature will hinder you by manipulating your thoughts and emotions, making you delusional and paranoid.

Mystery Quirks

Mystery Flaw #2 (-)

We're not telling you anything about this flaw - take it if you want to gamble on the GMs being nice people.

Mysterious Artefact (+)

You have a mysterious artefact. You don't know what it does, but you're sure it's a good idea to hang onto it.


Recklessness (Neutral)

You like to take risks in life - after all, there's no fun without a little danger! Where other, boring people might shake their heads and walk away, you'll dive in regardless. Sometimes this works out for you, and sometimes it all ends in tears.

Not compatible with the Cowardice quirk.

OOC: This quirk, depending on your turnsheets, may make it significantly more likely that your character is seriously injured or dies as a result of an action and other such consequences. If you aren't prepared for bad things to happen to you unexpectedly, this is not the quirk for you.

1) The fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is always watching you.
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