Rev David Williams, MP, Master of Bedivere Hall (Cameron A)


Disclaimer: The “Religion” and “Church” here are etirely fictious, created for the purposes of this game. I have bought together a few elements from different places as a generic church, and the focus point of this is in the community side of things (such as offering comfort to families of the deceased, or confessions to those who wish to seek peace).

Pastor Williams is a priest at St Mary Magdalene, Oxford, under the Chapel Dean, Father Greybeurn. He studied at Bedivere hall, before being ordained into the church shortly after, where he has since resided. Whilst there he has had close ties with the University, having a Professor-like presence there, often seen at formal events and the like.

“The Church itself welcomes all you magic users, whether you seek peace, need help with a family issue, or just fancy a cup of tea and a chat. Open all the time, do not hesitate to contact me if you need to talk. If you cannot find me, I may well be in the college, so ask around if I'm not in the Chapel. If I'm out of the city, I shall leave a note there, and will inform the porters of Bedivere as to my plans, and where to contact me. As a polite notice, please use the back door, or enter via Bedivere hall, to avoid drawing too much attention from the Norms.” - Pastor Williams

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