Sample Turnsheet

This is a sample turnsheet based on the sample character Rubidia Incarnia.


  • Guard the Bristol magic show from the Hammer
  • Help look for Allen's owl
  • Fetch potion ingredients for Sally Pecking

Action 1


Attend the Bristol Magic Show and keep it safe from the Hammer.


The Magic Sphere is going ahead and putting on this show in Bristol anyway, so I'm going to go along and keep an eye out for any Hammer operatives who might be intending to break things up (or anything else going wrong).

If all goes to plan, I won't have to do anything and so can participate myself (I'll do a disappearing act with my friend Sarah), but if Hammer forces show up then I'll try to blur the Sphere Wytches who can't hide themselves with Illusion, or if worst comes to worse I'll delay the Hammer by bringing down the theatre inside - a strong wind inside the theatre should do the trick but if it doesn't I'll engage them properly again with winds: delaying them is paramount.

Relevant Skills/Spells/Traits

  • Adept Illusion - make Sarah disappear as an act or blur Sphere Wytches to hide them.
  • Apprentice Evocation - create a storm to wreck the theatre and delay the Hammer if they turn up, or hit them with winds to keep them back.
  • Experienced Investigatory - looking out for Hammer operatives.
  • Trained Sneakery - for pulling off the disappearing act, it always helps
  • Ally - Sarah.
  • Sixth Sense

Other characters involved: any PCs involved in the magic show, Sarah (NPC).

Action 2


Help look for Allen's owl.


Dr Allen Parfitt says that his owl went missing after he visited the misty haunted house in Suffolk last month, so I'm going to go along and help him look for it looking through my gloves. Hopefully we'll find the owl, or at least I'll find out more about this haunted house.

Relevant Skills/Spells/Traits

  • Experienced Investigatory - to look for clues
  • Magic Gloves - look through the mists
  • Sixth Sense

Other characters involved: Dr Allen Parfitt

Action 3


Fetch potion ingredients for Sally Pecking.


My tutor, Sally Pecking, has agreed to teach me Master Air Illusion spells if I find her some specific ingredients for a potion she found in an old book. She wants “Hair of Bear of Snow” and “Holly from the north side of the bush”. I figure the holly can't be too hard to find, but the trickier bit is the Hair of Bear of Snow. Assuming it means a Polar Bear, I'll try sneaking into a zoo (London or Edinburgh) and taking some from a polar bear when it's not looking. Hopefully the bear won't be too angry (if it is, I'll unleash lightning on it - sorry RSPCA!).

I'll then take them back to Sally in exchange for her training me in Illusion.

Relevant Skills/Spells/Traits

  • Adept Illusion - I'll blur myself to hide from the Polar Bear (and any Hammer operatives that might be floating around)
  • Apprentice Evocation - if worst comes to worst, zap the Polar Bear.
  • Trained Sneakery
  • Sixth Sense

Other characters involved: Sally Pecking (NPC), innocent polar bear.

Minor Actions

  • Attend Sarah's birthday party.
  • Give Prof. Bei Fong that strange artefact I found.

Character Advancement

Advance to Master Air Illusion (4).

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