Geomancy (Earth)

Geomancy is the magic of the earth, the mountains and the forest.

See The Heritage Trust for more information on Geomancer society.

Please note that example uses are only suggestions, and magical spells can be anything that fits with the specialisation.


Geomancy Alteration is the art of manipulating the matter of the earth. Wood, rock and soil are to an Alteration Master what clay and marble are to a master sculptor. A Master Alterer can create vast structures from an equivalent amount of natural materials, and change basic elements into valuable and rare commodities.

"Hooray! ...wait, is that my hardwood floor?"

  • Novice - you are capable of manipulating small amounts of earth, or basic alchemy.
    Examples: making pretty patterns on pebbles and twigs, repairing cracks in walls and wooden objects, and creating a little earthen home for your pet turtle, change a china cup into a clay cup.
  • Apprentice - you are capable of manipulating moderate amounts of earth, or mid-level alchemy.
    Examples: making an artfully designed chair out of a log, creating a door in a blank wall, turning a jagged boulder into a perfect sphere, change a china cup into a tin cup.
  • Adept - you are capable of manipulating large amounts of earth, or high level alchemy.
    Examples: turning a large pile of wood into a lumber cabin, redesigning a heroic statue to look like yourself, creating pretty pebbles and twigs out of nothing, change a china cup into a silver cup.
  • Master - you are capable of manipulating very large amounts of earth, or the highest tier of alchemy.
    Examples: forging a Fortress of Doom™ out of the side of a mountain, replacing the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral with a big smiley face, creating artfully designed chairs out of nothing, change a china cup into a diamond cup.


A Geomancer Enchanter is in tune with the spirits of the planet, of the forests and the mountains. The Enchanter can summon these spirits to embody items, potions or earthen constructs. At their weakest, spirits can assist with small tasks, at their most powerful spirits are formidable and dangerous forces - a being to not be taken lightly by the target… or the conjurer.


  • Novice - you can summon and enchant items and potions with with minor earth spirits.
    Examples: imbuing your wand with a weak spirit of the forest to exude the fresh smell of pine, imbuing a small wooden tool with a spirit of the earth to process soil for your garden, creating a mini rock golem to weigh down your papers on a breezy day
  • Apprentice - you can summon and enchant items and potions with mid-level earth spirits.
    Examples: leaving a tree spirit inside your tools to tend your garden while you do other things, ordering a little golem to carry messages, having a spirit of the earth possess an area of ground and open a pit for your mound of victims.
  • Adept - you can summon and enchant items and potions with major earth spirits.
    Examples: summoning a rock spirit in the form of a golem to stomp on an enemy's head, ordering a wood spirit to lure a victim through the forest into an ambush, commanding an earth spirit to excavate a mystic site so you can take a powerful artefact.
  • Master - you can summon and enchant items and potions with very powerful earth spirits.
    Examples: awakening a spirit of the mountain to crush a building, commanding a spirit of the forest to lock your enemies in a natural maze, have a spirit of the valley open a channel and redirect a lake.


The Evocation Geomancer uses the forces of nature and the earth to smite their opponents. Earthquakes, boulders and binding roots are the tricks of the trade here.

NB: the physical objects a Geomancer uses in offensive magic are magical constructs, and will vanish after a short time (Evocation cannot be used to fill a hole with earth or stones, for instance).

"Deborah Slate woz 'ere"

  • Novice - you can channel low level offensive earth magic.
    Examples: firing pebbles or small rocks at an opponent at high speeds causing discomfort and distraction, lashing out with a vine, forming a thin layer of rock over a fist, increasing punching power, letting off a faceful of soil to blind the opponent, causing minor tremors.
  • Apprentice - you can channel mid-level offensive earth magic.
    Examples: firing heavy rocks, whipping with branches, encasing a fist in stone, slow down an opponent with soil, creating cracks in the ground.
  • Adept - you can channel high level offensive earth magic.
    Examples: firing boulders, entwining with roots, encasing a whole limb in stone, flooding an opponent with soil, creating rifts in the ground with powerful tremors.
  • Master - you can channel the most powerful offensive earth magic.
    Examples: dropping huge boulders, crushing with tree trunks, creating stone weapons attached to your limbs, drowning an opponent in a heap of soil, creating huge crevices with earthquakes.


The Geomancer Illusionist is attuned to their environment, able to blend in and hide in almost any environment.

There are eight Geomancers in this image. Can you find them all?

  • Novice - you can perform low-level earth illusion magic.
    Examples: turning your skin grey next to a stone wall, or green in a forest or even black while in shadows, disguising a phone as a small rock.
  • Apprentice - you can perform mid-level earth illusion magic.
    Examples: turning your clothes grey and your skin stone-textured, or your clothes green and your skin bark textured, disguising a chair as a tree trunk.
  • Adept - you can perform high-level earth illusion magic.
    Examples: becoming bark textured, growing little branches and leaves, becoming stone textured, hardening your soft edges into rocky angles, disguising a car as a large boulder.
  • Master - you can perform master-level earth illusion magic.
    Examples: becoming a small sapling in a dense forest, a large boulder on a mountainside or a grassy knoll on a hill, disguising your secret hideout as a big tree.


"It's tough alright, but it does smell a bit..."

The Protection Geomancer forms defensive structures, hardens their skin to deter blows and entrenches themselves to become grounded during assaults. The Protector can also harness the natural energy of the world to heal wounds, with a particularly speciality for healing broken bones and torn muscle.

  • Novice - you are able to guard against harm with weak earth magic.
    Examples: slightly toughening your skin, creating thin shields out of rock or bark, digging into the earth to increase stability, healing a cut or sprain.
  • Apprentice - you are able to guard against greater harm with mid level earth magic.
    Examples: forming a thin layer of rock or bark armour over your skin, creating thick shields, entrenching into the earth with thin roots, healing a minor fracture.
  • Adept - you are able to become highly resistant to damage.
    Examples: form a thick layer of rock armour, creating temporary walls and protective domes, digging into earth with thick roots, healing a serious breakage.
  • Master - you are a veritable juggernaut of the natural world, almost impervious to normal damage.
    Examples: encasing yourself in a thick armoured shell, creating temporary protective structures, becoming almost immovable with thick roots or foundations, repairing shattered bones.
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