Another coven draws to a close, and the participants depart, some walking down the pavement, illuminated by streetlamps until they turn round a corner out of sight, some getting into a cab together, others yet seeming to disappear into the night. You watch them all as they leave, contemplating what these people will do, what change these people will enact before you meet again, and if you'll see them again at all. Starting to move as plans unfold in your head, you calculate, consider and cement plans, only looking up to notice you are once more alone. These next six weeks should be… Productive.

Turnsheets are the method of conveying what you want your character to accomplish between sessions. You will write one turnsheet per session, detailing what your plans are for the six weeks between meetings between Wytches of all schools, and one final turnsheet at the end of the game detailing your character's long term plans and goals for the future (the “eternity” turnsheet).

How to Turnsheet

Your turnsheets can be found from your user page. When you create one of your turnsheets, you'll be presented with a template that you can use to structure your turnsheet. In general, you will have three major actions that you can perform in a turn as well as some minor actions and the opportunity to spend a point to improve your skills or magic.

Major Actions

A major action is something that it would take your character significant time and effort to accomplish, and have a significant impact on the magical community. Examples include researching into a new type of magic, creating an impressive magical artwork as a gift for someone you're trying to win over, or trying to assassinate a senior member of an opposing faction. Consider that you have approximately two weeks for each action so anything that could be done in that time period is a reasonable goal to strive for.

Your actions should each include an overarching goal of what you want to achieve, a plan of how you intend to achieve it, and a note of what magic, skills, quirks and flaws you think might be useful to, or affect the action.

Minor Actions

A minor action is something that takes little time or effort to do, and doesn't advance the plot significantly. Examples include having tea and crumpets with another player, sending a package to somebody or buying a pet rattlesnake. You can have as many minor actions as you want within reason, but they should each be limited to one or two sentences of description. The GMs reserve the right to ignore minor actions if they become too numerous / significant.

Spending Points


The deadline for turnsheets is Friday, 01:00AM. Because we're nice people and want to give you that extra hour after midnight to finish off your turnsheet. We will have GM meetings on Friday evenings, and a chance for us to read turnsheets before meetings start is crucial, so please be punctual with turnsheeting, and let us know if you have to turn in a turnsheet late. Real life happens sometimes, and everybody gets one, but the GMs reserve the right to become grumpy should this become a regular occurrence or you don't let us know.

The time responses will vary depending on GM workloads and schedules, but turnsheets will aim to be returned in good time before sessions on Tuesdays.

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