Listed on this page is a list of locations of note that most Wytches are aware of (i.e. listed on public pages).

Locations of Note

  • Bedivere Hall, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England - home to most Apocrymancers
  • Marischal College, Aberdeen, Scotland - satellite-cum-rival college to Bedivere
  • Durham College, Durham, England - satellite college to Bedivere
  • Cor Tewdws, Glamorgan, Wales - revered satellite college to Bedivere
  • Hillside Theatre, Bristol, England - HQ of the Magic Sphere
  • Diablo Magic Supplies, Charing Cross Underground Arcade, London - magic item supplier
  • Apollo Theatre, Hammersmith, London - theatre often used by Magic Sphere
  • Walpole Stately Home, Devon, England - HQ of the Heritage Trust
  • Stone Henge, Wiltshire, England - site of importance to Geomancers
  • Uffington White Horse, Oxfordshire, England - site of importance to Geomancers
  • The Isle of Mull, Western Isles, Scotland - home to the MacDoddigan clan
  • Lindisfarne, Northumberland, England - place of reverence to some Hydromancers
  • Anglesey, Wales - place of reverence to some Hydromancers
  • The Croft Institute, York, England - Pyromancy research institute
  • Ashen House, London - home to The House of Ashen
  • Westminster Palace, Westminster, London - home of the Norm Government
  • SIS Building, Vauxhall, London - home of MI6
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