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Soundtrack Listing

Artist Title Tagline
B.O.B Magic “I got the magic in me”
Heather Nova Maybe Tomorrow Derek / Wendy
Heather Nova Ride Wendy's Theme Song
Grateful Dead Uncle John's Band Coping mechanisms of Wendy Hawthorne, reluctant hippie
The Stanley Parable The Adventure Line Geraint
Sword and Sorcery Dark Flute Geraint
Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog Slipping Lorelei's final plan
Queen I'm going slightly mad Ruaraidh “Do not learn too many schools of magic”
Aladdin Friend Like Me Havenbrook
Jaqueline Vanderblit Powerpuff GIrls Theme Song Magical girls
Les Miserables Do you hear the people sing? London Riot
Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline Caroline
Scorpions Lorelei Lorelei
Shack Cup of Tea Geraint
Blossom Dearie Tea for Two The proper way to seduce Geraint
Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up from @TheRealHMMR
John Williams Hedwig's Theme Magical Schools
Trogdor the Burninator Pyromancy
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down We The Common All they wanted was a villain, a villain So then they just took me
Chumbawamba Bella Ciao And I will tell them - we will tell them That our sunlight is not for franchise And wish the bastards drop down dead
Heather Dale Golgotha I believe that justice is the same thing as the law So I conform my opinion to whatever I've been told
Oliver Twist You've got to pick a pocket or two Reminder of the Game: Art (And training John Rockwell)
Fall Out Boy My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Tristan and Meredith: First meeting
Wicked What is this Feeling? Tristan and Meredith: ??? at First Sight
Phineas and Ferb My Nemesis Tristan and Meredith: Enemies?
Jonathan Coulton feat. John Roderick Nemeses Tristan and Meredith: Friend or Foe?
Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out Tristan and Meredith: Dating?
Jefree Star I'm in love (with a killer) Tristan and Meredith: Lovers?
Alice Cooper Poison Tristan and Meredith: Obsession
Bon Jovi You give love a bad name Aiden MacKenna
The Smiths Panic Vigilante Justice solves everything?
Neil Innes Protest Song #FyghtForOurRyghts
Florence and the Machine Kiss with a Fist HMMR/Wytch Relationship AND Spark's crush on Burnt Heart
House of Cards Title theme Bedivere Elections
DJ Alex S Nyan Cat Soul Source
Adam Freeland We want your soul Your Mysterious Benefactor may have ulterior motives
The Dollyrots Because I'm awesome #SparkIsAwesome
Tears for Fears Everybody wants to rule the world Nigel
Barret Strong Money Nigel
Pixies Monkey Gone to Heaven Mooch (Nigel wishes)
Public Enemy Fight the Power Anti-HMMR reistance
Europe Final Countdown Magic Tricks/Illusions
Regina Spektor You've got time Chronomancy
Marvin Gaye I heard it through the grapevine Twitter/Loudmouth
Alice Cooper Schools Out Destruction of Bedivere
Queen We Will Rock You Geomancy Evocation
Train Hey Soul Sister Soul Sisters / You gave my life direction
LEGO Movie Everything Is Awesome Everything is cool when you're one of the Soul Sisters
Frank Sinatra My Way Death of Soul Soil
Tom Lehrer The Masochism Tango Tristan and Meredith
Chicago Soundtrack Mr. Cellophane Nobody notices Art
Michael Bolton Dance With Me Dancing with Aiden
Arcade Fire Wake Up Candice post-emotional trauma
Ke$ha We R Who We R The newly knighted magical girls' night on the town
Aya Ikeda Smile PreCure opening theme Played on loop during Soul Sisters character gen
Kuricorder Quartet Imperial March The real nature of Agent Black
Rodgers and Hammerstein Some Enchanted Evening What Rose could never say aloud
A Shoggoth on the Roof Tentacles Soul Soul's preferred method of dealing with combat
Black Sabbath War Pigs HMMR under Joseph Morton
They Might Be Giants Whistling in the Dark The peculiar friendship of Rose and Tristan
Bob Dylan The times they are a changing Things can't stay the same for Norms or Wytches
Twisted Sister We're not going to take it The Midnight March
MC Hammer U Can't Touch This Sebastian Sterling summons his lawyers
Cameron The Wytching Hour Theme Tune
The Pyros Prelude
The Many Adventures of Geraint
The Magic Sphere Prelude
The Islanders
The Heritage Trust Prelude
St. Mary Magdalen
Bedivere Hall
Funeral March for Featherstonehaugh
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