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Bedivere Hall News

Turn 6

Bedivere Rebuilt

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Master Williams, with assistance from Persephone Lupton and Sister Moon - both geomancers, to whom we are indebted - the college has been almost entirely rebuilt on its original grounds. Some original features have been preserved, and many buildings have been reconstructed from scratch. We are sure that the passage of many student feet will soon wear the buildings down and make them look comfortable again.

We are sad to announce that the final death toll for the disaster is 107, due to additional bodies being found under the rubble as the site was cleared. However, we extend our thanks to Henwyn Lincoln and Sylvia Tallys, who came to volunteer their expertise as healers and helped the remaining critically injured students to recover.

In other college news, it should be noted that the position of Junior Pastor formerly occupied by David Williams is now open for applications, since he is now too busy with his other public roles to devote himself to this pastoral role within college.

In addition, the Swyngers nightclub has been shut down due to unfortunate rumours about its manager. Students are requested to refrain from attempting to recreate it in the bop cellar.

-Notice from the Office of Dean Verity Grantwood

Turn 5

All messages received were before the explosion at the college.

Suspension of the Master

Geraint Swyngyfareddwyr, Master of the College, has been suspended as Master after a vote of no confidence by the governing body pending investigation. He had been seen assaulting an undergraduate, and there have been several reports of him being under the influence of a prohibited substance. Charges will not be pressed by either the student or the college presently, although a full investigation must be carried out before any action is taken.

Due to the fact that bursar Barnaby Stanwix is on medical leave, the college chaplain David Williams will take on the role of Master in the interim.

Resignation of Nathaniel Smyth

It is with great sadness we announce the departure of Dr Nathaniel Smyth, a respected archaeologist and geomancy researcher who had been here for several years. The college is not at liberty to disclose the reasons behind Dr Smyth's departure, but would like to make a public apology to him for the circumstances which led to this situation. He leaves with our best wishes for a bright future ahead.

- Notice from the office of Dean Verity Grantwood

Source of Magical Energy Found

A well of magical energy has been discovered in the tunnels beneath the college. Magic appears to be considerably stronger when used near it, although the well's properties are little understood. The energy it gives off has been dubbed 'aether', although whether this is simply magical energy or something else is not yet known.

Research will be carried out into this exciting new phenomenon as soon as possible.

Turn 4

Geraint Swyngyfareddwyr New Master

Following closely fought elections, Prof. Geraint Swyngyfareddwyr has been selected as new master, giving the following speech as he assumed the position:

“Friends of Bedivere, I thank you for your confidence in my ability to lead the hall into a new era.

“When I first arrived, I never expected to be granted such recognition, but I'm glad that the community has accepted me into their hearts so quickly. I will endeavour to keep the hall's fine traditions alive as we enter a new era, and can only ask for your help and support in facing the uncertainty engendered by the recent shifts in the Hammer's stance.

“I'd also like to congratulate all those who also ran in this campaign, the hall is better for hearing your opinions, and I will do my best to take them onboard, consulting with all levels of members of the hall to improve it.

“And to those of you who have concerns about the Bedivere's direction and are considering relocating to Marischal, I would urge you to stay the course with Bedivere: our long and dignified history gives us a unique perspective on life that other institutions can't be expected to have attained. Our doors are always open, and you will always have a home in Bedivere.”

Library Brought to Order

Thanks to the efforts of Bedivere Members, the Library is now finally back to its historically pristine condition, with books easily available and vast working spaces for all members to use. Please do remember to keep the noise down, do not eat in the library, and if anyone spots the cat rumoured to be down there please do report it to the Deans.

Marischal Refugees Returning to Bedivere

Following the disastrous explosion in the Aberdeen College, members of Marischal College that survived the explosion are returning to Bedivere where the College will be providing temporary accommodation while the crisis is resolved. With regards to the explosion and the loss of life accompanying it, a minute of silence will be held on Wednesday in respect for our lost colleagues.

Turn 3

Featherstonehaugh Funeral

Sometime in the upcoming weeks there will be a funeral held for our late Master, Wilhelmina Featherstone, in the college chapel. This will be open for all members of the college to attend if they wish.

Elections for New Master

With the new term swiftly coming, elections are due to take place for the new Master of Bedivere Hall to replace Professor Featherstonehaugh. In the interim, Barnaby Stanwix has been taking charge, but there are now four candidates for Featherstonehaugh's permanent replacement:

  • Professor Fiona Lauchlan - currently Dean of Marischal College, who says she is more than happy to take control of the “failing” College and bring it back to its former glory.
  • Pastor David Williams - currently Chaplain of the College Chapel, this kind man says he knows the students better than anyone and would be able to provide the proper pastoral support in dark times for the College.
  • Professor Geraint Swyngyfareddwyr - visiting Professor from Cor Tewdws, he has become a hit with students and has a good, strong public face as well as strong motivations.
  • Mr Barnaby Stanwix - bursar and current acting Master, his strategic mind is strong and he is a favourite of many high up in the college.

Members of the college are reminded that fellows receive 5 votes, postgraduates 2, and undergraduates 1. You can choose to spend as many as you have available in whatever combination you like.

Swyngyfareddwyr Tea Chest Stolen

The Deans have been made aware of a theft from a Professor's office - in particular the ornate tea chest belonging to Professor Swyngyfareddwyr. If the item is returned, we will question this no further, but if it does not then we will be pushing investigations.

The Deans.

Tunnels Restored

The College is delighted to inform all that the tunnels beneath the College have been repaired thanks to efforts from members of the College and any chances that the College might collapse into the ground spontaneously have been eradicated. We thank you all for your cooperation in staying away from the tunnels in this time and would ask that nobody further investigates these in case the reparations are undone.

Marischal College Gaining Numbers

This past holiday, numerous members of Bedivere have transferred themselves across to Marischal College to continue their degrees and research there. Professor Lauchlan is said to be thrilled that students are taking their education seriously and coming to the right place for them, and reminds all of the large grants and vast numbers of resources available in Marischal.

Turn 2

Wilhemina Featherstonehaugh Passes Away, Stanwix New Master

Bedivere Hall College today mourns the death of Wilhemina Featherstonehaugh. Professor Featherstonehaugh was leaving her room to make her morning rounds of the college when she stepped on a loose tile at the top of her stairs. The fall was fatal.

A new permenant Master is yet to be decided, but in the interim time, as is tradition, the bursar will take over as acting Master - in this case, Barnaby Stanwix.

Tributes to the former Master of Bedivere have been flowing into the college lodge, and students have raised a touching memorial in the quad, that anyone can contribute to.

Marischal Offers Scholarships

Thinking about your career?
Feel held back in your research?
Want to unlock the true power of magic?

Marischal College is the place for you! Our world class researchers and fellows will help you look into the magic you want to look into. Our libraries and facilities are world renowned, and our college beautiful to boost, and vast grants available for all students.

Immediate transfers from Bedivere are available, and all interested should see Prof. Fiona Lauchlan to discuss.

Students Deaned for Cordial Theft

Susie Phillips, and a number of other her compatriots, have been strongly disciplined by the Bedivere Hall proctors.

The party stole college property from the wine cellar, and then went on to attend events in which they represented the college while highly intoxicated.

The students have had their college priviledges revoked, and are officially on warning.

Turn 1

You receive some more emails.

Tunnel Expedition

Dear Members of the College,

We're pleased to report that the recent expedition into the tunnels led by Valerie Yates has been somewhat of a success, with numerous interesting mundane items from the college's history being turned up. Although nothing magical or unexpected has yet been found, we have full confidence that there will be a breakthrough anytime soon.

Barnaby Stanwix
Home Bursar

Doubleday Report

Dear All,

After the college's recent expedition to Kilmalcolm, led by the brilliant Tamora Torqemada, we have discovered that the murder of Sir Henry Doubleday appears to have been caused by a rogue pyromancer at work somewhere in Scotland. Although it is fortuitous news that we now understand what exactly went on, I urge all of you to be wary if travelling near Glasgow and to not take any rash action in an attempt to apprehrend the culprit.

We have also heard word that Alexandra Lockhart and Amber Hartnell, both on the original mission with Doubleday, have been found safe and sound. We believe that neither of them had anything to do with the aforementioned incident, and hope we can hear their version of events as soon as possible.

Wilhelmina Featherstonehaugh
The Master

Evocation Prodigy Moving

You hear rumours that Wilhelmina's famed evocation prodigy - Kaiden Rockwell-Hawthorne - is moving to Marischal College to train under Fiona Lauchlan. Although on the face of it Wilhelmina seem very proud of him, you get the distinct impression that she's rather unhappy that her prized student is moving to another college.

Turn 0

Over the past month or so you receive various emails regarding college business and the like.

The College Museum

Dear Members of the College,

Due to recent events resulting in the college's unexpected high profile status, the college museum will no longer be open to members of the college without supervision. The considerable historical value and unique status of many of the magical items we own is naturally not something we wish to promote to the general Norm public. Those who require access must obtain a permission form signed by at least three fellows and should submit it to me. Access will be between 1:30pm and 4:30pm on Friday afternoons only.

My apologies for this inconvenience, but I am hopeful that these restrictions can be lifted in due course. As ever the library maintains a 24 hour policy, although members are reminded that gnomes are owned by the college and are a vital part of the library system. Those found kidnapping, removing or otherwise interfering with them will be dealt with.

Bartholomew Butterworth
Head Librarian

A Reminder about the Deer Park

This message has been sent to the JCR, with other members copied in.

Last night, a shoe and parts of a robe were found by the groundskeeper's shed at the college deer park. This is not acceptable. Anyone who has information about whose they might be should contact us immediately.

Members are reminded again that they are forbidden from entering the deer park. This is for your own safety, especially during rutting season.

Verity Grantwood & Ernst Schmidt
The Deans

A few days later you hear rumours that James Elliot, Tom Wallis and Susie Phillips - the “Troublesome Trio” - had been caught off-guard by the groundskeeper William Douglas whilst sneaking into the Deer Park at night. They have since been deaned.


Dear All,

I am pleased to inform you that the college will be hosting the emergency coven on the 29th of April at 8:00pm in response to what has been dubbed the “Doubleday Incident”. I am sure that all of you have noticed the uproar that it has caused, and the leaders of several Wytch sects have deemed it necessary to discuss what the plan of action should be for the community as a whole. All Wytches are formally invited to attend the event, including all members of the college.

We are especially delighted to be receiving Valentine Eldridge, the President of Durham College, and Fiona Lauchlan, the Dean of Marischal College. Since these are the leaders of two of the most prominent Apocrymancer communities outside of Oxford, we must be especially hospitable towards them during our time as hosts. In addition we expect high-profile members of the Magic Sphere and the Heritage Trust to attend, as well as representatives from numerous organisations such as the MacDoddigan family of Mull and the Phoenix Institute. I hope you give them all a thoroughly appropriate welcome.

Wilhelmina Featherstonehaugh
The Master


If anyone has any information about the recent disturbances in the college wine cellar they should inform me immediately. It is highly probable that certain items have been being tampered with. Whilst we are very confident that anything that gets served to members is genuine and entirely safe, we would ask everyone to keep their eyes open as to any suspicious activities that occur throughout the Hall's grounds. Thank you.

Barnaby Stanwix
Home Bursar

Backers Wanted for Project Proposal

Hello all,

My name is Valerie Yates, a doctoral student in Arcane Archaeology. I am hoping to conduct an expedition into the tunnels beneath the college as part of my research towards my DPhil. As records for much of the labyrinth are flimsy, lost or were never made in the first place, the help of people who could assist with or who have an interest in such a project are very welcome. Please do get in touch.


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