One of the Magic Sphere’s most popular acts, The Invisible Man, was revealed posthumously to have been the public face of ‘Art’, an established criminal whose real name was never discovered by officials. He inherited the dubious magical supply chain, Diablo, following the arrest of its founder Havenbrook and successor Mary Campbell, known as The Skinner, and used it for many years as a front for numerous illicit deals. The infamous Dodgers, trained and led by Art, combined careful strategy and powerful magic with more traditional thievery to become one of the most successful criminal gangs of the era.

Art retired to an unknown foreign location at the estimated age of forty five, leaving his second in command, Pyromancer Kevin Tanner, to run his businesses in his absence. It is from Mr Tanner’s memoirs that we gain these fascinating glimpses of this legendary figure.

from ‘Nothing Up My Sleeve; The Criminal Side of Illusion’

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