Cassandra Caldwell

One of the odder figures of the early Covens, Cassandra Caldwell disappeared almost entirely following the HMMR raid on the Phoenix HQ in London. She did occasionally come to later Covens for short periods, but was not prominent in them as she had been in the earlier ones. Her part in uncovering the Chaos spirit's possession of Sarah Tomes, however, should not be forgotten, and she was a vibrant figure at the heart of the first Wytch Protest March - many cameras caught her happily floating along on a magic carpet at the side.

It is assumed she mostly went to ground when the HMMR crackdown occurred, perhaps relying on her extensive network of homeless friends around the country to help her. There are certainly apocryphal tales from around the country in the following years of a charming, slightly confusing little old lady who would generally help anyone if they asked nicely. Some of these stories include the beautiful imagery of a small paper plane, enchanted to fly around singing uplifting songs whenever people needed a mood boost.

- Unsung Heroes of the Seven Covens

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