David Williams (1961 - 2046)

David Williams devoted his life to Bedivere Hall and its chapel. Graduating in 1982, he spent the next thirty years acting in both a pastoral and ministerial role for Oxford's magical community. He was much admired by all those who knew him.

As a member of the clergy, David favoured a quiet, measured approach to matters. No more prominently was this displayed than during the turbulent events following the Doubleday incident of 2014. Whilst continuing his role as chaplain, he spearheaded wytch rights campaigns in the face of fierce opposition, eventually becoming MP for Oxford West and Abingdon; a seat he held until 2031. As a special advisor on wytch rights, he was paramount in passing the Wytch Qualification Act, increasing investment in magical energy generation and creating a wytch-focussed social services.

Closer to home, David was no less capable when it came to college affairs. Following the disastrous explosions at Marischal College and Bedivere Hall in late 2014, he was the first to suggest that the two institutions be merged into one, ending nearly 500 years of rivalry. Featherstonehaugh Hall has gone from strength to strength since its foundation. There is no doubt that David was one of the greatest wytches of our age.

True to form, David planned his own funeral, selecting the music to be sung and played as well as honouring those he held dearest in life to do him proud in death. On the day, the packed chapel congregation was bathed in light through the finally-repaired chapel windows. No doubt he'll have organised that, too!

- Obituaries, The Sentinel

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