Flint Morgan: Ace Inspector

The Flint Morgan award of spectacular service to the MET police force was established in 2060 in memory of the late Flint Morgan for his service to the MET police and Wytch Rights. Now presented to any young candidate who demonstrates a commitment and love for service.

Flint Morgan was a man of great wealth. After many years secretly running the Special Crimes division of the Met, he revealed his true self as that of Wytch. With his help, and work with Safiya Demonfort, he lead a policing division of the new Wytch crime divisions and helped to prevent a variety of Wytch related crime proving that Wytches could truly self-police. He was also a fierce advocate for the agency and ability of Wytches and pushed for their rights along with many others that has helped Wytches to be considered equal members of the British community.

In addition to his work on the police force, he also demonstrated a commitment to education and helped to set up the Flint school for the Occult part of the newly formed Bedivere and Marischal conglomerate. There he taught Wytches how to properly use and control potentially dangerous schools of magic such as Kaomancy. He was well beloved and highly recommended by the former master of Marischal Fiona Lauchlan.

The candidates for this award, must demonstrate the same valor and tenacity as displayed by Flint Morgan and also be Wytches who demonstrate cooperation and represent the spirit of self-policing that was so dear to Flint Morgan’s heart. This year’s candidate has demonstrated this in folds, with her endearing heart and tenacious spirit. She also happens to Flint Morgan’s daughter. Amelia Morgan.

~Awards speech at the 2nd annual Wytch-HMMR commemoration ceremony at the Integrated Magical Training Centre.

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