The Heritage Trust

The Heritage Trust emerged out of the crisis year following the Doubleday Incident in much the same way as it always had – looking backwards. The Trust continued to offer support for geomancers, working with Sylvia Tallys’ refuge for magical children in creating an effective support network.

Dr Robert Smith took a great interest in the discovery of Camelot, and worked alongside Dr Nate Smyth in furthering understanding about the history of magic in the UK. Despite his constant tired demeanour, Dr Smith worked vigorously into his old age, eventually retiring and dying shortly afterwards.

Captain Deborah Slate retained her stable position as the Heritage Trust enforcer, although this time with considerably more contact and cooperation with HMMR. As a former army officer, she did not find it particularly difficult to incorporate HMMR into her operations, and was pleased at the logistical support.

Archdruid Hamling passed on his title and cloak to an enterprising young druid, and settled down in the Cornish countryside. Apart from occasionally venturing outside to give talks about Nosomancy to any who invited him (usually either HMMR, Featherstonehaugh Hall, or Tallys’ refuge), William Hamling (preferring to be called “Bill” now) kept himself to himself for the rest of his life.

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