What Became of the Islanders

The Islanders were, in some ways, both the least and the most affected by the events of 2014. They had no fixed headquarters, so could not be exploded or infected with plague en masse as happened to others, and those reclusive Islanders who had always lived in isolated valleys far from civilisation continued to do so, with barely any awareness of the great upheavals going on in the wider magical world. On the other hand, the desire to learn new magics, and the need to band together against threats, brought many groups closer together than they had been in years.

The longest-lasting change, of course, has been on Mull itself. Long a pleasant, sleepy, albeit somewhat rainy island just off the west coast of Scotland, it suffered a reign of patriarchal terror in the winter of 2014/2015 thanks to Ruaraidh MacDoddigan's magic-fuelled quest for defence of his family at all costs. Following the heroic 'rescue' of Ruaraidh himself by Henwyn Lincoln, Nell Lincoln, John Rockwell, Melissa Hendrick and Sam Weaver, when he was removed to a secure ward of Dartmoor for a temporary period, the island took several years to recover. The Norm population was understandably traumatised by what they had witnessed, while the MacDoddigan family themselves, though choosing not to press charges on the accounts of false imprisonment, were clearly shaken by the lengths one of their own had gone to. After a year or two, Ruaraidh himself did return, a chastened man, apologising for the follies his power-mania had led him into. He was never seen to use magics other than Hydromancy from that day forwards.

Eilidh MacDoddigan, however, stepped up to the challenge of leading her family - perhaps thanks to her exposure to others' ideas at the Covens, perhaps because she was simply a rather determined young woman - and found a way to turn things to their advantage. To this day, Mull still has its giant earthworks and fortified harbour, complete with a museum about the use of magic and the dangers of its over-use. Given the fascination with all things magical amongst the Norm population now that times have settled down a bit, the MacDoddigan family are prospering.

As to the other Islanders… well, who can say? The Covens did lead some to engage more with the outside world - notably one Henywn Lincoln, who despite still living on her houseboat became one of the premier HMMR advisors on Occult Schools, specialising in Sanguimancy. Of others seen at the Covens, Tristan Beck was never heard of again once they ceased, probably due to being under a HMMR arrest warrant, while Sam Weaver returned to his studies and did his best to stay out of the way of most other Wytches. His best was pretty good, so people rarely heard from him again, though he would occasionally come out of the woodwork whenever anything exciting was going on. The majority of the Islanders followed similar logic and continued as they ever have, keeping to themselves, witnesses to the follies of other Wytches over the centuries.

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