Jacob Wintersmith: Agent of Unity

“To a cynical few, whose hatred of the organisation ran far and deep, Jacob Wintersmith would always be a traitor for his work with the Magical Regulator. But to most in society, his efforts were of extraordinary value. As the driving force behind the establishment of HMMR's Integrated Magical Agent Taskforce, it was undeniably he that made the greatest strides towards allowing Wytches to truly police themselves. IMAT went from strength to strength, eventually leading to Wytches becoming a fully empowered and established part of HMMR. But a year earlier, no-one would ever have believed such a thing to be possible - a testament to his truly remarkable achievement.”

- excerpt from 'The Wytches of Hammer'

~~~You are cordially invited to~~~
~~~the wedding of~~~

~~~Mr Jacob Wintersmith~~~
~~~Miss Annabell Lincoln~~~

~~~12th June 2022~~~
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