Nell Lincoln: Sphere and Influence

“As leader of the Magic Sphere from the start of 2015, Dame Nell Lincoln set about restoring the society's authority and power, reshaping it as the face of Aeromancy and magical entertainment in the UK for decades to come, but she very nearly could have lost her position following revelations of her possession by a Chronomancy Spirit.

However, thanks to the efforts of her sisters, Henwyn and Annabell Lincoln, the spirit finally let her be, returning to the realm from whence it had come. Rumours have it that the spirit was benevolent, seeking to destroy the spirit known as 'Chaos', but whether or not these are true remain known only to the Lincolns and the spirit itself.

It's well known that during Nell's early years she was involved romantically with Dame Susie Phillips (formerly Heart Heart of the Heart Maidens), but as time wore on the two drifted apart as Phillips sought adventure that the day to day running of the Sphere simply couldn't provide, but Susie is still seen even in these late years, whenever excitement occurs returning to Nell's side as if the two had never parted.

Take, for instance, the arrest of Ethel Beauvais, whereupon, after finally acquiring an artefact from HMMR for study, Beauvais came to Lincoln's residence in the night. A fight erupted, but Nell was ready and with Susie inexplicably appearing at her side the intruding Beauvais was arrested and taken to Dartmoor for good.”

- excerpt from “Notable Wytches of Our Time”

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