1000 years later…

In the front pent1) of the new Camelott Unyversyty - its final buildings still being completed - stand a group of students inspecting a weathered statue of a man with a duck.

“So where'd this old thing come from?”

“I dunno, some storagehouse of the old Fullington University - apparently it was some mystical old Wizard from the time of Merlin.”

“Merlin? But wasn't he in a tree?”

“Oh no, that was the other thing, the Lytch.”

“Man, I wish I'd lived in those days. Cool stuff happened then. These days it's just 'study Ancient Internet Runes' all the time.”

“Anyway, Amorta said she's sure she heard it talking to her.”

“…what, the statue?”

“Wait, Amorta? Who's Amorta?”

“You know, Amorta Morquetada, that strange new fresher who talks to herself sometimes. Anyway, she claims she came out here last night and hugged the statue - don't ask me why - and heard it very faintly say “Duuuuuude.” So yeah, she's decided we should 'free the spirit of the statue' or something…”

“…yeah, that sounds like it could be fun.”

1) Like a quad. But with 5 sides.
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