Little is known about Perry Graham, though eyewitness accounts suggest he seemed to have aims similar to those of the DeMonforts, Sebastian Sterling and Benjamin Ashen - that is to say, the removal of legal restrictions placed on Wytches at the time. However, unlike his fellow Pyros, he had a penchant not for politics, but for action. He is thought to have been linked to the raid on the Hammer server room, the disappearance of Gwen Dodds, and several other instances of violence, and was charged with these crimes and arrested during the Raid. However, he managed to escape from the convoy escorting the detained Wytches to Dartmoor, and after this relatively little is known about him.

It is unfair to characterise Mr. Graham as a villain, for many think that he acted in what he strongly believed was the best interests of all Wytches, and put his particular set of skills to good use in tackling the Lich, an ancient and dangerous being that was released in an unfortunate incident both caused and rectified by Coven members. However, his string of crimes committed during these months and subsequent evasion of the law were deniable - whatever his moral standpoint, he was a man on the run.

It's unknown what became of Mr. Graham. Some believe that he went deep underground, living a secret life avoiding the authorities. Others believe he had his physical appearance changed by those practiced in Sanguimancy and started a new life as an entirely different person, careful to avoid any DNA tests to maintain his identity's secrecy. Others yet believe that he was arrested or died during an attempt to arrest him by the Hammer in a secret operation. We cannot be sure, and we may never know.

– excerpt from “The Seven Covens Chronicled”

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