Wytch Rights

Following the massive upheavals within the Wytch community after their existence was discovered, a number of spokespeople stepped forward to represent the rights of magic-users in the wider world. Chief among these were the first magical MPs ever elected in this country, David Williams and Safiya DeMonfort, who argued strongly in parliament for such bills as the Transparency of Magical Regulation Act, the Enterprise (Entrepreneurial Magic) Amendment and the eventual total repeal of The Reasonable Freedom Act of 1762, being instrumental in its replacement with the Magic Citizenship Act of 2018. Although not always in agreement on all subjects, they nevertheless presented a friendly face of magic use to the national population as a whole, and undoubtedly swayed public opinion in favour of magical research and commerce within the UK.

In this, they were strongly aided by the efforts of the Government Advisory Body, and in particular the public presence of Sebastian Sterling, always one of the most reliable talking heads regularly interviewed on Wytch matters (possibly because he always came across so much like a normal businessman, unlike the occasional odd professor interviewed for an academic opinion). Sterling argued strongly for equality of magical and non-magical people within the legislature and the commercial world, and his sensible approach made slow but steady progress. Another frequent spokesperson from outside this Advisory Body was Gabriel Nightingale, whose revived Attwood Circle was active in protecting Wytches who were either persecuted by the world around them or else struggled to master their own powers. As such, he was in an excellent position to appeal to the non-magical population, who still vastly outnumbered their magical counterparts, for understanding and acceptance.

With such key figures as these mostly united towards a common goal, it is no wonder that there were no significant differences in the legal status of the magical and non-magical population left by the middle of the 21st century.

- Legalities of an Illegal Population: the Story of Wytch Integration

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