Heritage Trust News

Turn 6

Clan of Nosomancers disbanded

Through the combined efforts of many Wytches, in particular Soul Zephyr, a clan of 5 rogue Nosomancers who self-identified as 'Druids' were captured and taken by HMMR agents to Dartmoor. This represents another combined effort of Wytch and HMMR further solidifying their allegiance. There were no casualties in the arrest though Geraint Swyngyfareddwyr does seem to be suffering from a mild form of the disease.

Turn 5

Gwyneth Rhys

The Wytch Gwyneth Rhys, who was removed from the Welse slate mines a couple of months ago when she seemed to be creating an army of golems, has now calmed down enough to be interrogated (gently) by Heritage Trust members. It seems she has confessed to wanting to make golems 'for a separatist movement,' but more importantly she has confirmed that she chose that particular slate mine because she found it contained a source of pure magic. Her ramblings seem to indicate that, as she worked, she also created a great drain of magic in the nearby are, which she found most inconvenient and kept having to move her work away from.

Cracks in Anything Must Be Our Business

President Robert Smith has sent around a note expressing great concern about these mysterious 'void cracks' which have been seen to occur around the country. Some of them have appeared in the air, it's true, but others appear to be cracks in the ground, or in walls, and Dr Smith thinks it may be possible that Geomancers could lend our general 'cracks in the earth' expertise to the research effort.

Turn 4

Hosting Notes

The Heritage Trust is proud to be hosting the Coven this week. Walpole House will be adorned with all amenities, and there will be a pre-coven tea and cake meeting in the observatory.

President Robert Smith (PhD) also confirms that despite the previous unpleasantness with a illness outbreak at the house, that is all well and truly taken care of now, and that it is 100% safe for all!

Archdruid Hamling is also running a pre-coven meditation session in the House grounds. Come along for a bit of pre-stress inner peace.

Wales Situation

Captain Deborah Slate wishes to thank all who worked to recover Gwyneth Rhys from the slate mines in Wales this last month, and has suggested that under strict supervision, the Wytch may be spoken with during the Coven at Walpole Hall in October, under the strictest of control.

Theft from Archdruid Hamling

The Archdruid is urgently seeking information on thieves who snuck into his office last week and stole some books with great personal importance. The description of the books is that they have a stone circle stamped on the spines (traditionally the symbol of the Druidic side of the Heritage Trust). There is no description given of the thieves. He is offering a reward for any information.

Turn 3

Walpole Disease Eradicated, Minor Tremor Detected

Thanks to selfless efforts of Persephone Lupton, Sylvia Tallys and Tristan Beck, the outbreak of an unspecified disease at Walpole Hall has been contained and stopped, with the quarantine now lifted and the Hall able to function as normal.

The disease has been alleged to have nothing to do with a recent minor tremor felt inside the Hall, which those present say was “just unusual tectonic activity, but nothing to worry about”.

Slate On Slate

Captain Slate, following return from Wales, has called for immediate help in forming a team to head to the Welsh Slate Mine investigated in the last month in order to deal with “a grave threat”. The exact details of this threat are yet unspecified, but Captain Slate assures all that it must be dealt with swiftly and will provide details at the next Coven.

Turn 2

The Neo-Gaelic Revival

Sally Drummond, daughter of Gaelic revolutionary Ramsey Drummond, recently gave an impassioned speech on Gaelic independance from the Heritage Trust. Drummond stated that “the Geomancers of Scotland, Wales and Ireland are distinctly different from English Geomancers, and deserve their own seperate organisation”. She accused the leadership of the Trust of holding the Gaelic members “captive”.

Archdruid William Hamling spoke in support of her speech. “The Druidic Order has always had close relations with the Gaelic League” he said, “and I agree that it's important for this distinct cultural heritage to be represented.”

Dr. Robert Smith, president of the Heritage Trust, was less supportive. “Particularly at hard times like this it's important that we stay together”, he said. “Yes, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have distinct cultural identities - but there is no reason why these cannot be reflected and represented by the Heritage Trust as a single body”. Dr. Smith went on to urge calm and consideration.

Further Rumblings in Wales

Wales has been further hit by large tremors. Even worse than before, there are many injured, and even a few dead, from these recent mini-earthquakes. It is as yet unclear what the source of these tremors are, although some say they are magical in nature. The epicenter of the quakes seems to be north Wales, particularly around old mining towns - although it is difficult to say for certain.

Outbreak of Illness at Walpole House

The employees and tourists who have spent time in and around Walpole House recently have come down with a highly unpleasant illness. The afflicted experience severe flu symptoms, and also develop oozing pustules on the skin.

Norm doctors say that the disease is not fatal, but it certainly is nasty. Magical healers say that it is not anything they have ever seen before, and does not look like a conventional disease.

Merlin's Oak Destroyed, Hamling Furious

“This is a hideous crime of the highest caliber!” So spoke Archdruid Hamling recently concerning the events in the Forest of Dean. The Heritage Trust religious leader was not speaking of the horrible murders, however, but of the felling of the ancient tree.

Interrupted occassionally by protracted bouts of coughing, Hamling said that “the wytches involved should be ashamed of themselves” and that the decision to meddle with the tree after protecting it was “hypocrisy in its most obnoxious fashion”.

“The nation has lost a true icon of cultural heritage”, finished Hamling, “and the druids have lost their spiritual heart.”

Turn 1

Rumblings in Wales

Residents have been surpised recently by relatively minor, but still unexpected, tremors. Although there have been no deaths, and only minor injuries and property damage, the issue is still of concern. The Heritage Trust suspects a side-effect of fracking, but does not discount the possibility of a freak natural occurence.

Dr. Robert Smith Declares Tor Dig a Huge Success

“Although things didn't go exactly according to plan, and some unconventional methods were used, I consider the exacavation of Glastonbury Tor a huge success”, said Dr. Smith in the Trust newsletter. “We found a veritable treasure trove of ancient Geomancy tomes, along with a very interesting magical artifact that begs further study”. The site has been all cleared up, and is all safe for norms, he reports.

Archdruid Hamling Warns of the Dangers of Tourism

“Although we are of course delighted that Merlin's Tree is now safe, we are greatly concerned about its new found popularity among norms”, says Archdruid William Hamling, “The influx of interested parties could damage the tree, not to mention disturb the spiritual studies of the Druids”. The prominent Trust member does not offer any solutions to this problem, only raising the potential issue.

Dr. Smith, on the other hand, has spoken in defense of the new visitors. “The Heritage Trust needs to raise its profile”, he said, “national sites of importance like Merlin's Oak are for everyone to enjoy, not just a specific group of traditionalists. I respect William's position, but I feel it is more important that we enjoy these beautiful locations while we can, while taking all precautions to protect them.”

Turn 0

Upcoming Archaeological Dig

Dr. Smith, our illustrious President [Ed: that's enough brown-nosing, there], has put forward a motion proposing that the Heritage Trust finally excavate a section of the Glastonbury Tor. Long have legends proliferated about the glories and treasures it might contain! Therefore, the Heritage Trust is officially looking for talented Geomancers to assist with the project.

"Merlin's Oak" Under Threat

Many of you will know of the grand thousand-year old oak deep in the Forest of Dean - the so-called “Merlin's Oak”, said to have been planted by the great Wytch himself. There are rumours that it is in danger of being felled for a new bypass - whether this is true or not, it is certainly a valuable piece of Wytch heritage, and its potential destruction should not be taken lying down. The tree is perhaps the tallest and grandest in all of Britain - attributes surely derived from the influence of its patron - and to lose it would be a terrible shame.

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