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Rifts Closed! Mostly.

It is understood that the two large, disturbing rifts into nothingness which recently appeared in London have been cured by a joint task force of HMMR agents and public-spirited Wytches. Vast crowds gathered to watch as the group of Wytches, wreathed in smoke and sparkling light, advanced across the Thames on invisible bridges, casting magic as they went which made the cracks shrink and finally disappear from sight. We can only applaud such cooperation and dedication to the cause, and it is hoped that similar magic can be worked on other, smaller rifts around the country to 'heal' them too.

- The Chronicle

Our inside source names the Wytches responsible for this work as Sebastian Sterling, a known member of the Wytch community, 'Brother Sun and Sister Moon,' surely aliases for some creepy undercover Wytch society, and Richard Chandler. The Post has to ask the question that no-one else will - is this the same Richard Chandler for whom HMMR recently put out an arrest warrant? If so, what was he doing helping with such a dangerous operation? We demand answers.

- The Daily Post

Planning permission is requested to increase the overnight illumination of both the Tower of London and the London Eye, to twice the intensity, as a result of recent changes in the lighting specifications…

- Planning Permission Application

Stuck on the Old Kent Road for THREE HOURS now man what is going on the radio says something about witches #stupidmagic

-@bobthecommuter on Twitter

Chaos Destroyed! Grand Master Also Destroyed.

Reports from Cor Tewdws indicate that their Grand Master Robert Dewinwediehangachhaenmawreddogg was sadly killed shortly after the last Coven, when he was unfortunately possessed by the spirit known as Chaos, which used his body to attempt to open a Nether Rift next to the college's Aether Font and create a Cataclysm on the scale of that recently witnessed at Marischal and Bedivere. Thankfully, due to prompt action taken by Coven attendees, this disaster was averted and Chaos was defeated, but unfortunately this came at the cost of Grand Master Bob's life. When the College has recovered, elections will be held for a new Grand Master.

In related news, the Dean of Cor Tewdws would very much like to speak to a Ms Skinner, who also attended the Coven.

Next Coven to be held in London

A message is sent round via the leaders of all the schools of magic to announce that the next Coven will be held, as a joint affair, in a very nice conference facility in London. It is understood that this was Ashen's initiative, given the recent dearth of suitable places to hold Covens, but all the schools have contributed to organising it in some way.

Giant Flying Magic Cat Defeated; Warwick Castle Slightly Singed

In a phenomenal magic battle around the ramparts of Warwick Castle, the huge magical cat that had recently been terrifying the city was defeated, turned back into a human Wytch, and handed over to HMMR custody. Details of the fight itself are unclear, but it is understood that, tragically, a young Wytch by the name of Eriko Takahashi - better known to action-figure-loving kids around the country as Soul Soil - was sadly killed. Her friends have asked for privacy at this trying time.

- Rolling news on the UKBC website

Tamora Torquemada In A Safe Place

The one who started it all, Tamora Torquemada, has officially been sent to Dartmoor’s newly formed Psychiatric Ward. Reports say that it was Tamora who released the Lich which has terrorized the people of the UK, and that she also caused the explosion at Bedivere College. Mentions of possession terrorize the public as we begin to wonder, are our minds truly safe? In light of the recent 'blood magic' allegations as well, maybe we are not.

~The Chronicle

By-Election gains for Wytch Candidates

In a first for the country, two openly magical candidates have been successfully elected in the recent by-elections triggered by a wave of resignations within the government. After winning round initially sceptical constituencies with reasoned arguments regarding cooperation and working together, Mr David Williams has been elected for Oxford West and Abingdon, while Ms Safiya DeMonfort is now the elected representative for Brighton. Many eyes will surely be on them in the coming weeks and months, as the country adjusts to the concept of visible Wytches in positions of influence.

In other parliamentary news, the magical advisory role previously filled by David Williams has now expanded to become an advisory committee. The two parliamentary attendees of the committee's meetings are Mr Williams and Ms DeMonfort, with the external attendees being noted businessman Sebastian Sterling and Metropolitan Police representative Flint Morgan, both of whom are also Wytches.

- The Sentinel

Real Wytches of Great Britain

A new documentary begins tonight, exploring the world of Wytches, called “Magic Demystified,” produced by the renowned Frederick Dullcurry and showcasing the lives of ordinary Wytches and their abilities. With excellent production qualities and some truly stunning scenes of magic at work, this is one you won't want to miss!

- The Wireless Times

New Wytch Hunter school

A new Wytch hunting school has opened in Loughborough re-purposing an old army base. This new branch of the HMMR organization run by Jacob Wintersmith focuses on teaching Wytches how to control rogue wytches and defend themselves. Promising graduates will go on to join HMMR's hunter division. Given the recent lifting of restrictions, the adage that Wytches can police themselves is becoming more true than ever.

~The Daily Post

Sanguimancers Arrested

A cabal of rogue 'Blood Wytches' has reportedly been arrested after they attempted to break into a police station, in a sting operation coordinated between non-rogue, non-blood Wytches and HMMR. The joint operation is being hailed as a success which has removed several dangerous magic users from our streets. It is not clear exactly what the capabilities of 'Blood Magic' are, although it is believed these practitioners worked with Peter Baxter, the well-known banker who was also recently arrested for illegal magic use.

- The Daily Telegram

Squad of HMMR Agents Poisoned by Drugs from Lambda Pharmaceuticals

More now on the shocking deaths of an entire squad of HMMR field agents, who died violently from brain aneurysms after taking standard drugs given to all agents before fieldwork. All remaining batches of the drug were pulled from use immediately. Investigations are now centring on Lambda Pharmaceuticals, the supplier of the drugs, especially after a very small printed Red Coven logo was found on the tablets. Caroline Lambert, the head of Lambda Pharmaceuticals, is understood to be on the run.

- UKBC News at 10

Mull Entirely Cut Off

“And, standing here as I am at the edge of the harbour in Oban, you can see that behind me rages the full force of the sea and the elements, despite the fact that it's a sunny day only 10 miles to the east. This has been going on for weeks now, and all communication with the Isle of Mull has been lost, with cables severed and boats entirely unable to travel. In moments where the rain clears, you can see what look like huge earthwork fortifications along the edge of the island. No-one knows what is going on, but-”

Clip from Channel 7 news widely shared on MeTube since it ends with the reporter being swept off her feet into the harbour by a particularly strong gust of wind

Magical Power Plant Under Construction

The following is a radio report on the Science Friday Program

The combined efforts of Sebastian Sterling, Benjamin Ashen and the Croft Institute a marvellous step in the quest for green energy has been accomplished. Using an orange Crystal that researchers are calling an Embercryst the group was able to create a power plant of magical energy that uses no fossil fuels and creates no CO2 emissions. Once more, the power it generates rivals that of the Drax power plant. This is surely an energy miracle. However its magical roots have cause some of local uproar as protesters chained themselves to the fences of the power plant during its construction expressing distrust of its magical source. This has not delayed production however and it wont be long until the UK will be leading the world in Green Energy.

[Ed: 'Orange Energy,' surely?]

~Science Friday

Wytch Warrior's Whereabouts Wanted

Wytch Warriors, the brand new hit tv show starring wytches using real magic to fight, was hit by controversy when the brains behind it, Alan Caris, vanished after the climactic final fight of the series. The production company and shareholders are said to be furious, as almost twenty thousand pound was stolen, presumably by Mr Caris himself. So far, police have been unable to find any trace of his whereabouts.


Trenchcoat Strikes Again!

Near Big Ben in an ally along the buildings by the Thames, a new Trenchcoat art project has been published [See picture description below]. This marks an outcry of Wytch rights from the political street artist. The voice of the piece is certainly inflammatory and any connections between Wytch treatment and the Nazi treatment of the Jewish people seems uncalled for. After all, could Jewish people level a city? Could they cause giant rifts over our great City, Did they collapse parts of Mount Snowdon and call up armies of Undead? Treatments of Wytches has also been fair, to say that they experience the same horrors as those in interment camps shows a severe lack of respect for the hardship they suffered. However, it seems to have partially succeeded in its aims, as a debate on the travel restrictions on Wytches is now definitely underway. So, let all the headlines read, Trenchcoat strikes again - though it should be noted this time with insensitivity.

The image depicts a scale of Justice. On one side is a book open to a page on which whatever law Hitler enacted that took away Jewish passports is written with English translation. On the other, the part of law that says witches can't have passports. The scales are equal.

~Melody Christiansen Journalist for The Moon

Wanted Wytches

Shortly before the coven, it is announced that Meredith Howell has been arrested by HMMR agents for questioning regarding the murder of Abigail Beck. The following arrest warrants are also extant:

  • Caroline Lambert - for violating sections (1)(a), (b), (e), (f) of the Reasonable Freedom Act
  • Richard Chandler - for violating sections (1)(a), (b), (d), (e), (f) of the Reasonable Freedom Act


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