Potion Ingredients

This is a (non-exhaustive) list of all the things one might use to create a potion to enchant a spirit into, mostly purchasable from all good magical suppliers or indeed found across the country. Waters, plants and animals taken from locations of magical note are also often usable as potion ingredients.

  • Eye of Newt
  • Wing of Bat
  • Toe of Frog
  • Adder's Fork
  • Blind Worm's sting
  • Owlet's Wing
  • Crushed Earwigs
  • Ash of Holly Tree
  • Dandelion Heads
  • Rose Thorns
  • Tail Hair of a White Horse
  • Claw of Bear
  • Hair of the Dog that bit you
  • Butterfly legs
  • Dragonfly wings
  • Tongue of Cat
  • Lizard tail
  • Fang of Grass-snake
  • Fur of Tabby Cat
  • Barn Owl's feather
  • Beak of Pigeon
  • Milk Two Weeks out of date
  • Honey of Somerset Bee
  • The first conker of the new year
  • Eye of Rat
  • Toad eggs

Older texts speak of bespoke potions to achieve certain effects, but these would come with their own bespoke list of things to acquire.

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